BCL’s Father to Act as Solemnizer in Her Wedding with Tiko Aryawardhana at a Lavish Resort

BCL & Tiko wedding at Amankila Resort in Bali.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the luxurious Amankila Resort in Bali will host the event. BCL is said to have reserved all the rooms in the resort for her guests, ensuring the confidentiality of the wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony between BCL and Tiko is expected to be an intimate affair, attended by approximately 100 close friends and family members. Security personnel at the resort are strictly prohibiting media coverage, allowing only invited guests to enter the hotel premises.

Singer Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) is set to tie the knot with her heart’s chosen one, known as Tiko Aryawardhana, this Saturday afternoon. According to the Head of the Badung District in Bali, Syahrul Muharam, BCL’s father will officiate the wedding ceremony for his daughter.

Syahrul further revealed that all preparations have been completed, with the couple’s union awaiting only the appointed time. “InshaAllah, BCL’s father will be the solemnizer. We cannot disclose more details about the wedding venue as it is a private matter,” he stated.

For the record, Bunga and Ashraf entered into matrimony in 2008 and were blessed with a son, Noah Aidan. Unfortunately, Ashraf passed away in February 2020 in his sleep due to a heart attack.

On the other hand, Tiko is a father of three and went through a divorce in 2021.