Virgoun’s former wife, Inara Rusli, has achieved success in claiming royalty rights for five songs performed by the singer—a historic first in Indonesia.

Image: Screenshots from Instagram

Jakarta: Inara, also known as Inara Idola Rusli, aged 30, shared that she secured these rights following her official divorce from Virgoun on November 10.

The five songs in question are “Surat Cinta Untuk Starla,” “Bukti,” “Orang Yang Sama,” “Titik Balik di Hidupku,” and “Saat Kau Telah Mengerti.”

Virgoun’s songs often find inspiration in Inara. However, Inara pointed out that the court did not dismiss the possibility of an increased royalty distribution if more songs written by Virgoun, inspired by her, come to light.

Inara emphasized that this victory holds historical significance in Indonesia, marking the first instance where royalty issues have been claimed in the assets of a divorcing couple. She explained, “Moving forward, royalties will be divided between Virgoun and me, as long as the songs are played. Today, for the first time in history, royalties have become a subject of claim in the joint assets of a divorced couple in Indonesia.”

For context, Virgoun and Inara tied the knot in 2014 and were blessed with three children: Starla Rhea Idola Virgoun, Faithlee As-Sya’ir Virgoun, and Terang Sharique Virgoun.