MACC Freezes 41 Aman Palestin Accounts Amid Alleged Palestine Fund Misuse

On November 22, 2023, the MACC froze 41 accounts linked to Aman Palestin Bhd, totaling RM15,868,762.00. This is part of an investigation into alleged misuse of public donations since October 17.

The MACC recorded statements from witnesses, identifying issues with the misappropriation of RM70 million, intended for purposes other than the company’s objectives.

A previous search at Aman Palestin’s premises yielded financial documents. The ongoing investigation targets offenses under the MACC Act 2009, AMLATFPUAA 2001, and the Penal Code (Act 574).

As of November 7, no witnesses were summoned for the investigation into Aman Palestin’s fundraising for Palestine.

Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki stated the investigation continues, with forensic officers scrutinizing financial documents.

Media reports say the MACC initiated the probe after Perlis’ Department of Islamic Religious Affairs revoked Aman Palestin’s fundraising permission. This followed complaints urging the MACC to investigate fund collection.

Empowered by law, the MACC can launch investigations based on media information.